My friend did A cool bottle flip on my tramp try and do it

Basic shortcuts

Ctrl + SSave subtitles
Ctrl + click
Double click
Edit highlighted caption
TabEdit next caption
Shift + TabEdit previous caption
EscLeave edit mode
Ctrl + SpacePlay / pause video
Ctrl + HomePlay selected caption
Ctrl + EnterSplit caption at cursor position
at current time

Advanced shortcuts

Ctrl + InsertAdd new caption
Ctrl + DeleteDelete selected caption
Ctrl + IEdit currently played segment
Shift + EnterNew line when editing
Ctrl + LeftPlay from -1s
Ctrl + RightPlay from +1s
Alt + LeftShift caption start time -0.1s
Alt + RightShift caption start time +0.1s
Alt + DownShift caption end time -0.1s
Alt + UpShift caption end time +0.1s

Annotation shortcuts

Ctrl + 1Hesitation
Ctrl + 2Speaker noise
Ctrl + 3Background noise
Ctrl + 4Unknown word
Ctrl + 5Wrong segment
Ctrl + 6Crosstalk segment
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